9 Best French Door Refrigerator With Water Dispenser In 2022

By James Robert

Best French Door Refrigerator With Water Dispenser

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Not a single restaurant and kitchen will be complete without a multifunctional refrigerator. Whether you are a house cook or an expert chef, you must feel the necessity of a refrigerator that can keep your foods and other ingredients fresh.

In that case, having the best French door refrigerator with water dispenser will be very convenient for you to get fresh foods every time around the year. Because these types of appliances are available with more features and functionalities that you don’t get in an ordinary refrigerator. You’ll get more space, door configurations, and shelving traits on them. 

After in-depth research and reading the real customers review, we have narrowed down the 9 best-rated refrigerators. This article will tell you about their design, features, pros, and cons of these products. So, going through our content once will give you a quick and specific overview of which refrigerator to choose.

We have categorized our top list based on your needs. These refrigerators will cover all your needs from professional to unprofessional purposes. For example, if you require an advanced convertible refrigerator, there are 4 doors models on our list. Besides, double-door refrigerators will help you store foods for your everyday family purposes. So, Let’s Check Them Out!

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Editor’s Choice: Frigidaire Refrigerator

You’ll get this model with a high-quality and spacious interior at a low cost. Its liner compressor will help you maneuver it with utmost efficiency. However, the Frigidaire refrigerator will give your kitchen a high-end look, and its advanced design will ensure the food’s freshness. 

Top Pick: Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Our top pick is the Kenmore refrigerator that will remove your spacing worry to adjust with your narrow kitchen space. It has come with a side-by-side design that makes it perfect as your kitchen gadget. Besides, it is easy to clean.

Our Recommend: Frigidaire FFHB2750TS Refrigerator

This full-sized French door refrigerator is highly adjustable to customize your interior spacing according to your inevitability. It has more than 100 ways of interior storage that lead to an outstanding food categorization. The design of its drawers is well suited to extend the additional space inside. 

Quick Overview

Being a high-end-looking kitchen owner is as simple as setting up the French door refrigerator. You might wonder if there’s a refrigerator with a side-by-side model that lets you store your food on the left and right for quick classification. There are so many options (side by side or built in) while you need to buy a refrigerator.

By the way, if you’re desperate to have a top-notch refrigerator, look for a counter depth French door refrigerator. Here, in our top list, you’ll get all the outstanding refrigerators with versatile models and features. These refrigerators will be so much handy for their multi-purpose functionalities.

All our top-listed fridges will help you keep your kitchen well-maintained and organized in an adaptable way. Because the French door refrigerators have an excellent design with a top and bottom compartment. The top compartment will allow you to keep your food fresh, and the bottom one is ideal for easy access.

We have selected them based on the different features considering all levels of users. We are presenting huge selections of the best French door refrigerator from all the top brands, including Frigidaire, Kenmore, GE, etc. So, we can guarantee you will get your best one right here on our top list.

List of the Best French Door Refrigerator With Water Dispenser

ProductNameShort DescriptionShop
Frigidaire Refrigerator- Best For OverallFrigidaire Refrigerator- Best For Overall

  • Product Dimensions: ‎30.88 x 35.63 x 69.38 inches
  • Color: ‎Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Energy Star
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Kenmore Refrigerator- Best For BudgetKenmore Refrigerator- Best For Budget

  • Product Dimensions: ‎33.81 x 35 x 69.25 inches
  • Color: ‎Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Perfect kitchen appliance
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Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator- Best For Home KitchenFrigidaire French Door Refrigerator- Best For Home Kitchen

  • Product Dimensions: ‎35.88 x 36 x 69.88 inches
  • Color: ‎Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Better visibility
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GE Profile Smart Refrigerator-Best For ExpensiveGE Profile Smart Refrigerator-Best For Expensive

  • Product Dimensions: ‎36.75 x 35.63 x 69.88 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Removable Door Gaskets
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5.  Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator- Best For Small KitchenFrigidaire French Door Refrigerator- Best For Small Kitchen

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎70 x 36 x 34 inches
  • Color: ‎Black Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Best addition to your place
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Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator- Best for Large FamilyFrigidaire Gallery Refrigerator- Best for Large Family

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎71 x 37 x 33 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: XL-Tall Ice & Water Pocket
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Smad Refrigerator- Best For RestaurantSmad Refrigerator- Best For Restaurant

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎33.3 x 35.8 x 69.9 inches
  • Color: ‎Stainless steel
  • Main Feature: Auto Ice and Water Dispenser
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KoolMore Refrigerator- Best For Commercial KitchenKoolMore Refrigerator- Best For Commercial Kitchen

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎35.8 x 29 x 69.9 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Lightweight
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GE Refrigerator - Best For Large SpaceGE Refrigerator - Best For Large Space

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎‎35.88 x 35.75 x 69.88 inches
  • Color: Black Slate
  • Main Feature: External ice & water dispenser
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9 Best French Door Refrigerator With Water Dispenser

There are lots of options for you to make your choice for the French door refrigerator. But, different features, functions, and brands can puzzle you. As a result, in this section of our content, we will assist you in getting the high quality French door refrigerator that matches your needs. Let’s be introduced to those fantastic gadgets.

1. Frigidaire RefrigeratorBest For Overall


Product Specifications

  • Brand – ‎Frigidaire
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 22.5 Cubic ft.
  • Lock Type – Electronic
  • Door Type – French Door
  • Shelf Type – ‎Wire
  • Shelves – 4
  • Item Weight – 365 Pounds

The Frigidaire is our top recommendation because it is the best considering the overall conditions. It has a unique and adjustable interior design to make enough storage space inside the drawers. All the drawers are of Glide Crisper to keep your foods well separate.

The ultra PureSource water filter lets you be tension-free of germs and bacteria. Besides, its counter depth refrigerator lowes of each shelf will allow you to store more items at a time. It will ensure the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and drinks automatically. As its freezer baskets have a unique divider, you can make your own spacing adjustment.


  • PureSource Ultra Filter system for ice and water
  • Multi-Level LED Power Lighting with even temperature
  • Adjustable and vast interior storage space 
  • Effortless and easy accessible glide crisper drawers

Why do we recommend it?

Frigidaire refrigerator is the best match in the french door freezer market to make you a great investment value. You’ll be happy to have this refrigerator with all the great traits. Once you use this, you’ll be a big fan of it.

2. Kenmore RefrigeratorBest For Budget

Budget Friendly

Product Specification

  • Brand – Kenmore
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total Capacity – 25 Cubic ft
  • Interior Capacity – 15.46 cubic ft
  • Freezer Capacity- 9.11 cubic ft
  • Required Electricity – 120 Volts
  • Lock Type – Electronic
  • Door Type – side by side
  • Item Weight – 270 Pounds

Are you in search of knowing more about the latest Kenmore Refrigerator? Well, we’re here to let you introduce it with all the parts before you buy. It has 36.5 inches on top, 36.3 inches in the counter level, and 36.5 inches on the bottom. 

Thus, you can use the specific measurement to determine whether this refrigerator will fit the place where you want to place it or not. For trouble-free organizing, it will provide more shelf space. There are plenty of areas inside it to put the bottle, fruits, vegetables, and so on.


  • It comes with 4 plastic Crisper Drawers to keep foods separately.
  • The gallon-size door bins will be the best fit for the taller items.
  • It has a high premium quality water dispenser and dual pad ice.


  • Keep your all kinds of foods and vegetables fresh for long time
  • Flexible storage options for easy access
  • The in-door water dispenser helps to easily fill glass with water and ice
  • It takes around 20 minutes only to set up.


  • The ice maker is a bit loud.

Why do we recommend it?

Well, having such a refrigerator at home is quite hazy due to taking it in with its size. But the Kenmore Refrigerator is thoroughly well-designed so you don’t face any challenges to take and fit it in the house. Besides, its long lasting-promise will allow you to utilize your investment out and out. You can read kenmore refrigerator reviews to learn more.

3. Frigidaire French Door RefrigeratorBest For Home Kitchen

Home Kitchen

Product Specifications

  • Brand – ‎Frigidaire
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 26.8 Cubic ft.
  • Door Type – French Door
  • Control Console – Express-Select
  • Shelf Type – ‎Wire
  • Shelves – 6
  • Item Weight – 366 Pounds

Our next pick is also from the Frigidaire brand, and this time we choose FFHB2750TS model. It is best for everyday use in your kitchen and also for your tight budget. The Even Temp technology of this refrigerator helps you maintain a steady temperature. So your food will remain fresh for a long time.

Additionally, its multi-level LED light gives you perfect visibility throughout the refrigerator to carefully notice every corner of it. You can even store up to 19½ lbs of ice with its optional second ice maker to make your life extraordinary. The incredible full-width cool-zone drawer offers you a large space to store everything that you need in your life. 

Key -Features

  • Smooth glide crisper and freezer drawers
  • Genuine PureSource Ultra II Ice & Water Filtration 
  • It will offer you a convenient Even Temp
  • Beneficial Multi-Level LED Lighting


  • Solid built and long lasting
  • The water filters remove 99.3% lead and 99.9% cysts from water
  • The interior storage is super adjustable with a large capacity
  • Worth your investment with efficient performance


  • A little bit of noisy.

Why do we recommend it?

By assessing its overall features, you can undoubtedly choose this appliance because the service of this great refrigerator is outstanding. You will have additional space with more shelves, even Temp, Ultra II Water Filters, and all the superb facilities to make your life easier.

4. GE Profile Smart RefrigeratorBest For Expensive


Product Specifications

  • Brand – ‎GE Profile
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 28 Cubic ft.
  • Door Type – French Door
  • Lock Type – Electronic
  • Shelf Type – ‎Wire
  • Shelves – 5
  • Item Weight – 421 Pounds

How do you feel if you have a smart refrigerator with WiFi connectivity? Amazing, right. 

Yes, in the era of technology, it is not impossible. The GE Profile brings this smart refrigerator for you with 4 doors with all its parts full of options. You can put small to large sizes of food items everywhere inside it due to its ample space. As the door is fingerprint resistant, it will look clean all the time, no matter how frequently you open and close it.

The built-in WiFi mood of this refrigerator can send you an instant alert to your smart device for freeze settings customizations. You’ll never feel disturbed to find your small food items because of their LED brightness on every shelf. So, undoubtedly, it is the most reliable french door refrigerator.


  • It has the outstanding LED-Lighting assistance
  • It comes with an easy and adjustable high warmth drawer
  • The outer covering is finger-print resistant
  • The app enables the option for Google assistance


  • You will get fresh foods every time because of its TwinChill Evaporator
  • Huge interior storage space to keep food
  • No food smash chances for frequent door openings 
  • Its water filtration process removes around 98% of toxic pharmaceuticals


  • It can not dispense hot water.

Why do we recommend it?

This refrigerator got its design with advanced water filtration to ensure clean and safe drinking ice and water. The 4-settings drawer will make it easy to store foods according to their types. So, it will be a smart investment to get a smart refrigerator.

5. Frigidaire French Door RefrigeratorBest For Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen

Product Specifications

  • Brand – ‎Frigidaire
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 26.8 Cubic ft.
  • Interior Capacity – 18.1 cubic ft
  • Freezer Capacity- 8.7cubic ft
  • Door Type – French Door
  • Lock Type – Key
  • Shelf Type – ‎Wire
  • Shelves – 6
  • Item Weight – 362 Pounds

Frigidaire brings multiple models and sizes of refrigerators to fit your requirements and budget. So again, we have picked the FFHB2750TD model from the Frigidaire brand for your convenience. It has a stainless exterior with three color-matched handles and an external ice dispenser.

You can keep your food items according to their category in its 4 adjustable storage stationeries. Below the shelves, you’ll get two humidity control drawers. There are 7 benches of various sizes on the door that are well adjustable and removable for easy cleaning. It is one of the top-rated refrigerators. So, you’ve no risk of buying it.


  • It comes with an adjustable divider part in the freezer
  • Six wider shelves and multifunctional door bins offer large space
  • First-rate water filter with high-quality icemaker

Why do we recommend it?

This refrigerator guarantees to keep your food fresh, as the same as what you buy from the market. Its outstanding design optimizes your drinks and food items automatically in good condition. So, you will get a high-quality product at a reasonable price when you make up your mind to have this fridge with water and ice dispenser.

6. Frigidaire Gallery RefrigeratorBest for Large Family

Large Family

Product Specifications

  • Brand – ‎Frigidaire Gallery
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 21.8 Cubic ft.
  • Door Type – side-by-side door
  • Lock Type – Electronic
  • Item Weight – 347 Pounds

While you are in a big family, you need a refrigerator that will ensure the various traits. In this case, you can choose the Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator. You will get the adjustable temperature in your hand because of its exclusive and flexible design.

There is a vast space on its doors with the sliding bins to keep all kinds of food, beverage, snacks, drinks, milk, etc. You can move and place the bins according to your needs on the doors to store foods. So, you can choose this one to satisfy all your family member’s needs. 


  • Counter-depth installation design with customer-friendly drawer
  • TwinTech cooling system to keep food fresh 
  • Attached with bright LED light to enhance the visibility of your food
  • Large and tall ice and water pocket


  • Easy humidity controlling and adjusting system among different parts
  • The middle drawer is ready to make you flexible for fresh food above 45°.
  • The 10″ exterior dispenser is pretty stretchy to keep bottles/coffee cups
  • Excellent design and good looking


  • The compressor can go out for voltage instability.

Why do we recommend it?

The Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator is perfect in a word with its different zone features and settings for family use. It will offer you plenty of space that is more than you require. You can choose it to enjoy its outstanding service throughout its life span.

7. Smad RefrigeratorBest For Restaurant


Product Specifications

  • Brand – Smad 
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 26.3 Cubic ft
  • Interior Capacity – 16.7 cubic ft
  • Freezer Capacity- 9.6 cubic ft
  • Required Electricity – 110 Volts
  • Lock Type – Electronic
  • Door Type – side by side
  • Shelves – 10
  • Item Weight – 310 Pounds

Are you looking for a large size refrigerator with a low electric cost? If so, then Smad Refrigerator will be the perfect choice for you. It will heighten your kitchen look with its outstanding design. You will get extra-large space in this refrigerator to store various stocks.

Its two high humidity preservation is honestly appreciable. It has a crisper drawer that collects and recycles evaporated water and keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for an extended period. You can easily depend on its inevitable side, deli drawer, and gallon bins to keep your necessary daily items. 

The automatic defrost reduces your hazards so you can quickly deliver the customer’s required foods in front of them. Besides, you can also enjoy fresh food items for getting frost-free. This appliance manufacturer provides you a full 1-year warranty, with exceptional customer service care, encouraging your purchase.


  • Used Inverter technology to excellent cooling and freezing function
  • It comes with a water dispenser and auto ice maker 
  • Freezer temperature adjustment is simple to operate
  • Touch button with Interior LED lights


  • Slim freezer and refrigerator combination makes it easy to use
  • The adjustable and easy-to-clean shelves are worth reducing workload
  • The digital controlling panel is handy to control it from far away
  • Low voltage requirement will reduce your electric bill


  • Not ideal for a narrow kitchen.

Why do we recommend it?

We can confidently recommend you Smad Refrigerator as we analyze its all features, functionality, and specifications. The design is relatively decent and straightforward, which will impress you.

8. KoolMore RefrigeratorBest For Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Product Specifications

  • Brand – KoolMore 
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 22.5 Cubic ft
  • Door Type – French Door
  • Cooling system – Compressor
  • Compressor warranty – 3 years
  • Item Weight – 283 Pounds

All the professional chefs in restaurants need durable and efficient appliances that can provide utmost facilities. They need better food display options, freezers, and kitchen appliances. The KoolMore refrigerator is designed to practically deal with the experts and meet all the requirements in the commercial kitchens.

It is made with high-quality materials to ensure reliability and convenience for commercial purposes from top to bottom. It will offer you specious capacity adjustable shelving with 6 door bins, 2 outsized freezer drawers, and adjustable glass shelving. That’s why you will get everything that you expect in your refrigerator. 


  • Accurate and digital temperature control for adjusting inside humidity
  • Auto Ice maker and frost-free cooling system 
  • High-quality compressor to enhance its durability
  • Multiple selves to keep fresh and cooked food separately


  • It keeps your fruits, meat, vegetables, and fish fresh for many days
  • Flat and slim design to save your kitchen space
  • Its handles and doors are easy to open
  • 1 year limited warranty to secure your investmen


  • Slightly expensive.

9. GE Refrigerator – Best For Large Space

Large Space

Product Specifications

  • Brand – GE
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Total capacity – 26 Cubic ft
  • Interior Capacity – 17.982 cubic ft
  • Freezer Capacity – 8.18 cubic ft
  • Required Electricity – 120 Volts
  • Door Type – French Door
  • Item Weight – 303 Pounds

GE brings another refrigerator with maximum storage space to cover all your personal and professional needs. At first glance, you will love the ice form that you can choose, whether crushed or cubed. It is an extraordinary feature of this refrigerator that other companies do not provide you.

Its French system double door, 4 different sizes, and integrated siding bins help you organize your food depending on their categories. However, you can store all types of tall items, including jugs, bottles, and beverage cans on the door shelves. On top-notch, one food smell will not spread to another food.  


  • Two-level storage baskets to use maximum space
  • Indoor auto ice maker to quench your thirst
  • The advanced water filtration system 
  • The shelves are spill-proof


  • LED light makes finding items trouble-free
  • If the door remains open, it will alert with door alarm
  • Efficient locking system to keep it safe from kids
  • Requires low voltage to save your bucks


  • We find no cons.

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend this double-door refrigerator with water dispenser to get every facility in one. It is a great refrigerator with additional space while arranging for parties or any other indoor programs.

What To Look At Before Buying The Best French Door Refrigerator with Water Dispenser – Buying Guide

Here is our most precious buying guide for you to overcome your confusion about what to look for before buying the best French door refrigerator. Just keep in mind all those features to explore your best match.

  • Storage Space

The French door refrigerator with a water dispenser is suitable that has 20 to 28 cubic ft of storage space. This unit of length will include both fridge and freezer parts. So, the more you  maintain the measurement, the more room you’ll get to store your frozen and fresh foods.

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But, if you need your refrigerator for your family, the 22 cubic ft. will be enough. Other than that, spacing isn’t the only requirement to ensure high productivity. You can easily check the adjustability of the shelves and door bins with space management. If the spacing adjustment is flexible, you can minimize and maximize the interior with ease. 

  • Capacity

It is necessary to check out the fridge capacity. In general, the measurement of a refrigerator’s capacity comes in liters. Here, 250-liter refrigerators will be your perfect match for around 4 members’ families.  But, if the number of family members is more, you must decide on a 500 to the 850 liters maximum and 100 liters is okay for single-use purposes. 

  • Compartment

If you want to get some extra benefit of flexible rooming, you must choose your refrigerator with two compartments. The double compartments fridge has reached its design with Fast-Freezing technology. 

Therefore, you will adjust the right temperature that is perfectly suitable for a customized kitchen. With the double compartments refrigerator, the standard temperature unit is 0°F for frozen food and 32°F to keep your food fresh. Make sure the compartment and temperature level before you buy.

  • Design

The design of the product is critical, especially while you invest in a costly refrigerator. In the case of your French door refrigerator, we recommend you choose the door-in-door style. It will let you place your food items easily. Due to the door-in-door design, you need not open the whole door while putting food. Sometimes, you can swivel it to store more items with only a movement. We found this design great for minimizing activity.  

  • Viewing Door

Your French door refrigerator will be more convenient if it has a viewing door design. It works well while you’re in a rush to select your grocery items that you have to buy. You can check out what to include in your list without opening the door of your fridge.

  • Dispenser

It is significant to check out the ice and water dispenser while focusing on additional benefits. You can maximize the fridge space in terms of the water and ice dispenser. A dispenser is commonly located on the door. Having these features will be a bit more expensive than the other ordinary fridges. 

But, if you have a tight budget you can choose without a water dispenser refrigerator instead of a water dispenser. These will offer you the best support without spending extra bucks from your pocket. If you want to make a comparison between these two types of refrigerators before making your final decision, you can check our other article about the Best French door refrigerator without a water dispenser.

  • Standard Depth vs. Counter Depth

Whether you require the counter depth or standard depth, depends on the design of your kitchen layout. A counter-depth model can bring a built-in look, and it will not require you a bigger place. On the other hand, a standard-depth model needs a bigger place to fit the kitchen. So, consider the place limit of your kitchen right before you decide on a standard-depth vs. counter-depth model French door refrigerator.

  • Top Freezer vs. Bottom Freezer

While you want to buy a double-door refrigerator, you must ensure whether the fridge with top-freezer or bottom-freezer will be best for you. In this regard, we recommend you buy the bottom freezer. The bottom always comes wider and handier than the top freezer. It also will help you find the food items easily because the bottom freezer is located right at your eye level.

  • Size

The precious size of a French door refrigerator varies in its width from 29.5″ to 36″, the height ranges from 68.5″ to 70.125″ while the depth stands from 29.375″ to 34.625″. However, if you want to replace your fridge with a french door refrigerator, make sure the size you’ve chosen is accurate considering your kitchen layout. It helps you to get the precise depth of the door.

  • Compressors

The compressor is the most crucial part that helps you to the temperature of your refrigerator. That is why checking out the compressor’s type is significant for the fridge’s durability. Mainly, there are two types of compressors where one is a General compressor, and another is an Inverter compressor.

The general compressor is identically for the smaller-sized refrigerator. The general compressor starts working at a very high speed and stops while the optimum cooling level is already reached.

On the flip side, the Inverter compressor is more adaptable to nature. It will work depending on the speed level that you need to get the ultimate cooling level. It is more energy-effective for refrigerators. If you need your fridge for commercial purposes, you should choose the inverter compressor refrigerator.

  • Budget

Budget fishing is a very important factor while you need a refrigerator. So, first, fix your budget to help you find a suitable fridge within this range. A French door refrigerator costs you at least $1500. The price can cross $5000 to get a high-quality product.  Remember, the higher the amount of your budget, the higher the quality will be for your fridge.

  • Brand Warranty

Several brands on the market offer a limited period of warranty. At this point, we recommend you check out whether the warranty period is a bit longer than the other brands. 


What are the key advantages of using a French door refrigerator?

Well, French door refrigerators are well-known among all the professionals and non-professionals due to their roominess. You can use every single corner of the freezer compartments of this refrigerator. Besides, you can stock up all your irregular items with ease.

How can I organize food in my French door refrigerator?

You can keep juice, beverage, milk, and other liquids in the door bins. The bottom part of the refrigerator is suitable to keep meat, fish, chicken, etc. However, the upper shelves are ideal for leftovers and yogurt.

What is the expected lifespan of a French door refrigerator?

A French door refrigerator can last around 17 years maximum. But, whether the durability will be more or less depends on the features of your product. Due to the standard size, models, and maintenance criteria, the average lifespan of your refrigerator can be longer or smaller.

How can you recognize a good compressor?

A good compressor will not make any annoying noise. However, if the compressor starts being overheated or stops working on its cooling system, you’ve to understand that the compressor is not a good one.


To have the best French door refrigerator with water dispenser, pick it out from our top list, and you’ll be a winner for sure. These refrigerators have come with clever designs that will offer you enough room inside for all your iced-up foods.

You will enjoy the excellence of temperature consistency along with the freezers drawers for having an extra fridge space. However, if you want your fridge to preserve foods in good condition, you can undoubtedly depend on any of our top picks.

Besides, we have researched the use-ability, dispenser, and connectivity before we made our list. So, we hope you will find your best match. Happy Shopping!

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