How To Fix A Fridge Water Dispenser Not Working? (7 Solutions)

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Fridge Water Dispenser Not Working

As a smart home appliance, most refrigerators offer you a water dispensing system to quench your thirst with ease. However, there is a filter inside the fridge for purifying water that prevents water-contaminated diseases.

But, sometimes, you may face challenges with the water dispenser as it stops working. In this case, you need fast and accurate solutions to fix the fridge water dispenser not working. 

There can be many reasons behind it. Such as the frozen supply tube, the water filter may clog for use many times, the water inlet valve of the fridge may stop working, or the water dispenser switch may be faulty. 

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However, what’s the issue! You have to identify and fix it as soon as possible, and for this, you need to know the process. This article is designed on water dispenser problems and their solutions. Let’s dive into the article.

Fix A Fridge Water Dispenser Not Working?

There may be plenty of reasons behind not working your refrigerator dispenser. You can handle this DIY job if you have some technical knowledge. Otherwise, you should take help from a plumber or professional experts. Here are the most common reasons and solutions

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1. Straighten or replace the dispenser tube

Does the water dispenser of your fridge spray water from the water dispensing tape? If so, then most probably, the water tube is not in the correct position or twisted. 

How to solve

First, you need to check the tube position. If the tube bends, straighten it to bring the correct position. But, if you find it is leaked, broken, or cracked, there is no alternative to replacing it. 

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2. Clean the water lines

Naturally, many components come with water from the water supply source. When time passes, the tiny water particles are stored in the line and clog it. The pipe can also be blocked due to lack or low water pressure and irregular dispensing. 

How to solve

No matter what the reasons are! The only solution to this problem is cleaning the water lines. You can use homemade remedies to clean the clogged water line. Make a mixture with white vinegar and baking soda and run it through the line. The chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar will soften the clogged particles. 

Next, run clean water through the line, and the softened particles will come out from the line with the water flow. Do it two to three times if there is heavy clogging.

Besides this, if you find the tube is bending at any point, straighten it.  Because the bending tube also can work like a clog. 

3. Check the water filter

The water filter of the dispenser is the primary source by which the fridge offers you pure drinking water. Water filters may vary based on refrigerator brands and models. But, mostly, it is placed between the house water line and the water dispensing socket. If it stops working, you’ll not get water through the dispenser. 

How to solve

First, check if the water filter is slightly clipped, twisted, bent, leaked, or not. If the filter is twisted, correcting its posting can solve the problem. If it is leaked, the water will come out through the leak. That’s why you don’t get water with the dispensing system. Here you have to change the filter. 

Another thing is, if the water filter is extremely old, then it can also stop filtering water. So the water dispenser system of your fridge will not function properly. Most experts suggest changing the water filter every 6 months. 

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If that is the issue, your water dispenser will start to work after replacing the water filter. But, when replacing the water filter, you have to consider your fridge brand, model, and the user manual instructions to do it perfectly. 

4. Examine water pressure

The low water pressure can also be one of the reasons why the refrigerator’s water dispenser is malfunctioning. 

How to solve

By checking the water pressure at multiple points of the tube, you can rectify the problem. You should start checking the line from the wall to solve this issue because it is the initial part from where the fridge line gets water.  

If you notice there is low water pressure, you have to enhance the water pressure from the main water source, so that the water dispenser will get a good water flow to dispense water when needed.  

5. Defrost water line

If the drinking water line and ice are supplied through the same dispenser, then there is a high chance to freeze the waterline. This problem mostly happens with side-by-side refrigerators because of improper temperatures. In that case, the water dispenser will not function properly. 

How to solve

You have to thaw the water line to solve it. To defrost the ice, open the freezer door, check the waterline and ice maker to determine where the ice is stored inside the tube. You can use a hairdryer to pass hot air into the line to melt them.

When thawing the frozen water line, try to maintain a temperature between 0°-10° Fahrenheit because a too cold freezer can freeze the water line again. 

6. Check pressure switch

If you don’t find any issue with the waterline and filter, now it’s time to check the pressure switch. The switch that you press with your glass to get water is called the pressure switch. This switch can be a large lever or a micro switch with a flexible pad. The switch size depends on the design and model of the refrigerator. 

How to solve

If the switch is disconnected from the waterline or broken, it’s not working. Here, you need to replace the switch. Fortunately, it is not a hard job, and you can do it. 

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7. Fix or replace the control board

The fridge has a control board by which it monitors cold water or ice filling systems. This board connects the refrigerator’s ice door motor, water dispenser motor, and ice door heaters. Its main work is preventing water and ice dispensing while the door is open. If the board is damaged or partially fried for some reason, it will stop working. 

How to solve

You have to check whether the control board problem is fixable or not. If you have any prior knowledge and experience, don’t try it. Instead, you can ask for help from a professional to fix the problem or replace the entire control board. 

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How much does it cost to fix a refrigerator water dispenser?

The cost to fix your refrigerator water dispenser is not fixed. Basically, it depends on the problems and their type. On average, the plumber or refrigerator repairing experts charge between $175 to $500 based on issues, refrigerator model, and your area. 

Is a 10 year old refrigerator worth fixing?

Yes, a 10 year old refrigerator is worth fixing as most of the refrigerators last approximately 10-20 years. The older your refrigerator is, the more it costs you to repair. So, you should consider repairing your fridge if it is not more than 8-10 years old. But, if it is almost 15 years old, you should replace rather than repair it. 

How much does a water inlet valve cost?

One of the main reasons for not working your refrigerator water dispenser system is the defective water inlet valve. By replacing it, you can solve the issue. It is an inexpensive refrigerators’ part, that costs $15 to $35. 


Now, you know the reasons and solutions for the fridge water dispenser not working.  Though the reasons and solutions are not too complicated, you should be careful while dealing with them. 

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