10 Best Full Size Refrigerator Under $250 In 2022

By James Robert

Best Full Size Refrigerator Under $250

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You must deserve a high quality, compact design, ample space, and easy temperature-controlling refrigerator while thinking of a kitchen appliance. But, when you find a fridge that meets all those features, it is very costly.

We are here to make you the happiest fridge owner at the least cost that everyone wishes for. This post will review the 10 best full-size refrigerators under $250. We have done in-depth research and read authentic consumer feedback to make this list worthwhile. 

By considering your all kinds of requirements, we keep 10 category refrigerators. So you can pick anyone from the list that suits you best. We also describe a detailed buying guide for you if you have less idea about refrigerator features. So let’s start.

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks

Researching before buying a fridge will consume you a significant amount of time that you might not have. In that case, you can go through our top three picks-

  1. Arctic King Chest Freezer: The Arctic King Chest Freezer is for you if you have a space shortage at your home. It is tiny enough to take up a small space but wide enough to hold lots of food. You can move it easily to its leveling wheel without taking anyone’s help. Just Amazing!
  1. Whynter Energy Star Freezer: Can you think of a freezer with 160ibs storage capacity? Well, the Whynter Refrigerator has that unique feature to fulfill your imaginary view. This fridge’s amazing digital temperature display will allow you to set it as cold as you demand only with a touch on a single key. 
  1. Antarctic Star Wine Cooler: While dealing with only the different sizes of beverage bottles, you must require something unique. Our third top pick is the perfect appliance for beverage storing. Its unique design is like a cabinet, that makes it sophisticated.

What Is The Best Full-Size Refrigerator Under $250? Quick Overview

You will find different kinds of refrigerators in the market, and all of them are worthy to meet multiple purposes. So here, we combined 10 refrigerators, including sub-zero fridge, chest freezer, upright freezer, no freezer, double door, and single door. Our selected refrigerators have multiple glass shelves, door shelves, cabinets to make them well-organized food storage gadgets. 

All the refrigerators have a general or inverter compressor to keep your food cool. And there is a manual temperature controlling system to customize the refrigerator’s temperature. When buying a fridge, placement is one of the essential points. So here, you will find mini-refrigerators to fit your limited space. 

The refrigerator’s capacity varies from 2.1 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet. However, these fridges also need less electricity to run all the time, because we care about your pocket. Even low voltage power will keep your food fresh, tasty, and like you purchase from the market.

Cheap Full Size Refrigerators A Quick Summary:

  1. Best Chest Freezer-Arctic King Chest Freezer: A quality chest freezer can be used for storing food. It is big enough to store meat and fish, which is good for a kitchen. And it is light so it will be easy to move around if you need to do that.
  2. Best Upright Freezer- Whynter Energy Star Upright Freezer: Do you want to buy a freezer that will keep your food frozen and help you avoid reheating meats before eating? The Whynter Energy Star upright freezer has defrosting technology that will help you preserve your food for maximum time. This freezer is also very quiet, so you won’t be disturbed while it’s running.
  3. Best Beverage Fridge- Antarctic Star Cabinet Beverage Fridge: Looking for a beverage fridge that can store a large number of bottles? Look no further than the Antarctic Star Cabinet Beverage Fridge. This fridge is well-transparent, so you can identify the bottles without opening the door. Plus, its elegant and stylish design will enhance your home’s gravity. The convenient door ensure comfortable opening and closing.
  4. Best Fridge and Freezer- RCA 2 Door Fridge and Freezer: RCA 2 Door Fridge and Freezer is a good appliance for your home. It is eco-friendly, small in size, and well-constructed. The reversible door style makes door management easy. The temperature dial pad can control inside humidity. Plus, the well organized beverage storing space is perfect for any occasion.
  5. Best Stainless Steel Refrigerator- Frigidaire 2 Door Fridge and Freezer: The Frigidaire refrigerator is a great appliance. It has a button for adjusting the temperature and spaces to store your food.
  6. Best Brand Refrigerator- Galanz Compact Refrigerator with Dual Doors: Looking for a refrigerator that is both efficient and quiet? This fridge features a quick-cooling compressor. It will hold fresh foods. It also has two doors to keep different things separate, like frozen food and fresh food.
  7. Best Double Door Refrigerator With Freezer- Bossin Compact Refrigerator 2 Door Mini Fridge: Bossin Compact Refrigerator 2 Door is a refrigerator with two doors. You can store food in the fridge and it is quiet. It uses less electricity than other fridges, so your electric bill will be lower. This fridge works well in areas with low voltage.
  8. Best Freestanding Refrigerator- GE Mini Fridge with Freezer Freestanding Refrigerator: The GE Mini Fridge with Freezer is perfect for any space. The door shelves are good for small containers and the crisper drawer is good for fruit and vegetables. Plus, because it’s energy efficient, it won’t add extra costs to your utility bill.
  9. Best Refrigerator Without Freezer- Danby Compact Refrigerator with Removable Divider Shelf: The Danby Compact Refrigerator with Removable Divider has plenty of good space for food. It can store tall bottles and cans because of the door design. The adjustable legs make it easy to move, and it is easy to clean up too.
  10. Best Refrigerator With Freezer- WALSH Compact Single Door Refrigerator with Freezer: The Arctic King Chest Freezer is a good way to store a lot of food. It has shelves that can be changed to fit your needs, and you can change the temperature by turning the knob. The freezer is also versatile, so you can organize your food in any way you want.

The List of 10 Best Full Size Refrigerator Under $250

ProductNameShort DescriptionShop
Arctic King Chest Freezer
Arctic King Chest Freezer

  • Product Dimensions: ‎39 x 27 x 24 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Main Feature: The Energy Cost Only $25 for a Year
Check Price at Amazon
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Whynter Energy Star Upright Freezer
Whynter Energy Star Upright Freezer

  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 20 x 27.5 inches
  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Main Feature: Energy Star Upright Freezer with a Lock
Check Price at Amazon
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Antarctic Star Cabinet Beverage Fridge
Antarctic Star Cabinet Beverage Fridge

  • Product Dimensions: ‎16.92 x 18.11 x 29.13 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Main Feature: ‎High Efficiency and compact Refrigerator
Check Price at Amazon
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RCA 2 Door Fridge and Freezer
RCA 2 Door Fridge and Freezer

  • Product Dimensions: ‎22 x 20 x 34 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Main Feature: Light Weight Refrigerator and Sleek Looking
Check Price at Amazon
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Frigidaire 2 Door Fridge and Freezer
Frigidaire 2 Door Fridge and Freezer

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎22 x 20 x 34 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel Look
  • Main Feature: ‎Freezer Top and Brandable
Check Price at Amazon
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Galanz Compact Refrigerator with Dual Doors
Galanz Compact Refrigerator with Dual Doors

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎19.17 x 23.31 x 35.16 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Main Feature: Mechanical Thermostat Control, Retro fridge, Interior Light, Two leveling front legs
Check Price at Amazon
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Bossin Compact Refrigerator 2 Door Mini Fridge
Bossin Compact Refrigerator 2 Door Mini Fridge

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎20.08 x 19.09 x 33.46 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Main Feature: Perfect Size For Your Needs
Check Price at Amazon
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GE Mini Fridge with Freezer Freestanding Refrigerator
GE Mini Fridge with Freezer Freestanding Refrigerator

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎‎20.1 x 18.8 x 33.4 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Main Feature: Glass Shelves, Partial Automatic Defrost, Clear Crisper, Tall Bottle Storage, Interior Lighting
Check Price at Amazon
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Danby Compact Refrigerator with Removable Divider Shelf
Danby Compact Refrigerator with Removable Divider Shelf

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎‎20.16 x 20.16 x 33.16 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Main Feature: Best for Tall bottle storage in the door Shelve
Check Price at Amazon
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WALSH Compact Single Door Refrigerator with Freezer
WALSH Compact Single Door Refrigerator with Freezer

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎19.13 x 21.1 x 32.8 inches
  • Color: Stainless Steel Look
  • Main Feature: Best for Indoor and Outdoor
Check Price at Amazon
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Full-Size Refrigerator Under $250 Reviewed

It is the important section of our article.  You will get all the necessary details about our 10 selective refrigerators. Let’s see what are our top picks-

1. Best Chest Freezer: Arctic King Chest Freezer

Chest Freezer

Key- Features

  • 18°F temperature for fresh foods
  • Great Units inside
  • Capable of storing more than 200 Pounds of food
  • Require only an hour to keep foods frozen

Imagine your kitchen gadget takes only the space you need for your closet. You will feel Incredible, right? Well, it’s entirely not an imaginary thing. The Arctic King Chest Freezer indeed requires only a tiny space where you can even place your closet perfectly. 

This refrigerator is our top priority due to its user’s demands and satisfaction. So, if you need your fridge for a narrow space but with a big storage capacity, Arctic King Freezer will be the best. However, you can choose this to keep all your food fresh. It has an automatic defrosting system that will save time from defrosting yourself. Also, you can maintain it hassle-free for years. You can use this gadget for several reasons. For example house, apartment, kitchen, garage, cabin, business, timeshare, basement, lake house, etc. So you will not disappoint once you invest in this refrigerator.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Artic King
  • Dimension- ‎33.5 x 24.9 x 21.7 inches
  • Item Weight- 5 Pounds
  • Lock Type- Key
  • Capacity- 5 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- Top
  • Pattern- Solid
  • Number of Shelves-2
  • Inverter Type- No Inverter


  • Excellent to meet several purposes
  • Vast space to store meat and fish with ease 
  • Its size is quite perfect as kitchen appliance
  • This fridge is too light weight to move.


  • It has only two shelves, making your food arrangement a bit messy while you store in a hurry.

Why Do We Recommend It?

This cheap full size refrigerator under $200 is ideal for space management. Besides, it will allow you to store your food fresh for a long time. So, having this fridge will not rush you to finish your stored food as soon as possible.

2. Best Upright Freezer: Whynter Energy Star Upright Freezer

Upright Freezer


  • The design of its outer cover is of sleek stainless steel
  • Compact Size and well adjustable thermostat 
  • It is an energy star rated appliance
  • Mechanical temperature controller ranges from -10° – 2°F
  • freezer does not take up much space so it can be placed anywhere you like.

You might not want a refrigerator that has limited features and functionality. Well, if you look for a kitchen appliance with multi-purpose features, look at our second top pick. The Whynter Energy Star Upright Freezer will meet your demand 100 on 100.

Whynter Refrigerator is generally suitable for reducing electricity costs. It will provide you with the most well-organized freezing solutions to save your electricity bill.

Besides, you can use this fridge at any convenient place like a garage, basement, office, kitchen, etc. The swing door is well reversible to open and close them more suitably. Therefore, no cold leakage can occur to damage your food.

Product Specifications

  • Brand- Whynter
  • Dimension- ‎17.5x20x27.5 ‎inches
  • Item Weight- 44 Pounds
  • Lock Type- Key
  • Capacity- 2.1 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- Reversible
  • Number of Shelves- 2
  • Pattern- Freezer
  • Sound Level- 45Db
  • Voltage -115


  • Suitable to keep frozen food and ice cream.
  • Its defrosting technology helps you to avoid reheating meats before eating
  • Preserve hygienic for maximum time
  • Low noise level 


  • This fridge is heavier than other appliances

Why Do We Recommend It?

While you wish for a high-quality kitchen refrigerator with a low budget, you have no alternative than Whynter Energy Star Upright Freezer. So, it is our top recommendation for you. Not only that, as this fridge is energy-star rated, it will keep your food fresh even when there is a frequent power cut problem at your house.

3. Best Beverage Fridge: Antarctic Star Cabinet Beverage Fridge.

Beverage Fridge


  • The ideal volume of humidity
  • Great drinking storage space
  • Freestanding application system
  • Customizable temperature from 40°F to 61°F
  • It is completely CFC free

When you need your refrigerator to keep bottles of beverages particularly, it will create a mess of storing them on shelves. In that case, we recommend you have such a fridge that is like a cabinet. Well, to solve your beverage bottle storing hassle this Antarctic Star Cabinet Beverage Fridge is right for you. 

This fridge is a specially designed gadget for storing bottles and keeping the taste of your beverage right. You can easily store approximately 24*750ml bottles inside it. As a result, you need not have other alternatives to keep your colossal number of beverage bottles.

On the other hand, the blue LED soft interior lighting technology will assist you to find your drinking bottles easily. Therefore, you have the option to store them for a long time to meet your far-reach party dates. This gadget has a minimum noise level that will never disturb you at work.

Product Specifications

  • Brand- Antarctic Star
  • Dimension- 16.92×18.11×29.13 inches
  • Item Weight-  44.1 Pounds
  • Lock Type- Key
  • Door Type- Right-Sided Hings
  • Number of Shelves- 6
  • Pattern- Solid
  • Sound Level- 38 dB
  • Voltage- 120
  • Configuration – No freezer
  • Inverter Type- Inverter is available


  • Perfect choice to keep a large number of beverage bottles
  • Well-transparent door is ideal to identify the bottles without opening the door.
  • Its elegant and stylish design enhances your home gravity
  • The convenient door ensure comfortable opening and closing


  • A little weighty

Why Do We Recommend It?

It is pretty tough to maintain the exact temperature level while dealing with types of beverages. In this sense, you need a reliable appliance that will promise you to keep the taste of beverages in the proper form. So, we will recommend you to have this Antarctic Star cabinet fridge to meet your sensitive demand.

4. Best Fridge and Freezer: RCA 2 Door Fridge and Freezer

Fridge & Freezer


  • Ultra Compressor Cooling System
  • Adjustable Thermostat and built-in Door basket
  • Outstanding Flush-Back design for space-saving
  • A special Temperature dial pad and free from CFC

Who doesn’t want to have a multi-functional refrigerator with years of successful experience while considering it for the workplace? Well, the RCA 2 door is a full size fridge and freezer, which is the outcome of decades of understanding of the RCA brands. 

It is a high-quality refrigerator that can keep your food and drink cooled and fresh all the time while using it for your office purpose. The RCA fridge is ultimately the best gadget among users.

As it is a two-door refrigerator, it will provide you with an additional facility than the other type of refrigerators. Here, the top door is for the freezer to offer a wide range of space where you can easily put lots of frozen foods. On the other hand, the bottom door is for a fridge with glass shelves and a drawer compartment for vegetables and fruits.

However, this fridge is well suitable for college dorm rooms. Also, you can use it in any of your convenient places, no matter whether it is your bedroom or office place.

Product Specification

  • Brand- RCA
  • Dimension- ‎ 22x20x34 inches
  • Item Weight- 57 Pounds
  • Lock Type- Key
  • Capacity- 3.2 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- Reversible
  • Number of Shelves- 2
  • Pattern- Solid


  • Eco-friendly, small in size, and well constructed
  • Reversible door style makes door management easy and simple
  • Its temperature dial pad is good enough to control inside humidity
  • Well organized beverage storing space


  • Sometimes the temperature can be inconsistent

Why Do We Recommend It?

When you need an appliance for your workplace, you must choose easy setting procedures and multi-functional features. The RCA refrigerator is the perfect appliance for all those requirements.

5. Best Stainless Steel Refrigerator: Frigidaire 2 Door Fridge and Freezer 

SS Refrigerator


  • Retro Stainless Steel Design
  • Separate top freezer compartment
  • Outstanding beverage-can dispenser
  • Integrated door for spacing tall bottles
  • Adjustable Thermostat

Do you have children at home? Need lots of items to store, including juice, milk, etc.? Well, a top freezer refrigerator will be more specious for you rather than a mini one. In this case  we recommend you to buy the Frigidaire 2 door fridge and freezer. The humidity-control-crisper drawers are ready to preserve your food and vegetables fresh for a long time.

It has enough space to store even a jug of milk directly. You can easily store juice, ice cream, and many other food items for your children through its 0.96 cubic feet ample. This fantastic fridge promises to keep the taste of food just right all the time.

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However, the inside space is well visible to find the small items due to its LED lighting system. This fridge has an elegant design with two reversible doors to get more extra food storage space. 

Product Specification

  • Brand- ‎Frigidaire
  • Dimension- ‎22 x 20 x 34‎ inches
  • Item Weight-  32 Pounds
  • Lock Type- Key
  • Capacity- 3.2Cubic Feet
  • Door Type-Reversible
  • Number of Shelves- 2
  • Pattern- Solid
  • Voltage-120
  • Shelf Type-Glass
  • Defrost- Frost-Free
  • Annual Energy Consumption – 20 KiloWatts


  • The electric-temperature control helps to change your required temperature
  • Its large integrated drawers are perfect to keep green foods and vegetables
  • The top freezer is completely frost-free
  • Its leveling legs makes it probable


  • Right-sided door hinges can be a silly problem if you are a left-hand user.

Why Do We Recommend It?

When you are concerned about the freshness and taste of your food, the Frigidaire refrigerator will be your best choice. This fridge can be your desired kitchen gadget that can bring multiple facilities for you to live a healthy life forever.

6. Best Brand Refrigerator: Galanz Compact Refrigerator with Dual Doors. 

Best Brand


  • Adjustable Mechanical thermostat control
  • Top mount freezer compartment
  • Full Slide-out glass shelves
  • Leveling front legs
  • Crystal door balconies

If you are searching for a perfect kitchen gadget, Galanz Retro Refrigerator is the ideal kitchen assistance to keep your foods and drinks 99.9% refrigerated. All its compartments maintain temperature from 32° F to 47°F. Therefore, you do not have to be worried about your food’s freshness and taste.

Although the freeze is small, it has brought more room for enough storage. Above and beyond, the top compartment has 0.95 cu ft, and the bottom box has 2.08 Cu.ft food storage capacity. So,  you can put your food items more comfortably.

It will provide you with the thermostat control with 0-7 dial numbers. Here, the maximum number, the cooler the freezer. So, controlling your fridge temperature according to necessity is entirely in your hand.

What is more, this fridge is perfect for your office and dormitory along with the kitchen. So, why not try it?

Product Specification

  • Brand- ‎Galanz
  • Dimension- ‎19.17×23.31×35.16 inches
  • Item Weight-  58.4 Pounds
  • Lock Type- Key
  • Capacity- 3.1 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- From left to right
  • Number of Shelves- 2
  • Pattern- Refrigerator
  • Voltage-120
  • Shelf Type-Glass
  • Defrost- Partial Automatic Defrost
  • Door Material Type-PCM
  • Noise Level- 42dB
  • Connector Type-Drain
  • Efficiency- Energy Star


  • The R600 towering efficient compressor quickly cool the food
  • Separate section to keep frozen and green food item 
  • Keeps your food fresh, tasty, damage free for long time 
  • Too low noise level makes it ideal to keep in the bedroom or any other sensitive place


  • The delivery process is a bit lengthy

Why Do We Recommend It?

This Galnaz Refrigerator will be the perfect medium size that is neither small nor big. Also, it has all the modern applications to enrich your kitchen or office with a different style. You can easily use this for multi-purposes.

7. Best Double Door Refrigerator With Freezer: Bossin Compact Refrigerator 2 Door Mini Fridge.

2 Door Fridge


  • Temperature Control dial pad
  • Two significant cooling sections
  • Built-in freezer
  • Crisper drawer design
  • Removable glass shelves

If you live in a house with limited space, you need a refrigerator that will take less space but provide quality service. The Bossin Compact Refrigerator is a standard-sized kitchen appliance that is perfect for a fixed place like yours.

As there are more than two shelves, preserving your food will be pretty easy. This fridge can keep foods and drinks under suitable temperatures. Therefore, you can eat your food whenever you intend. 

Besides, it can hold 10 liters of frozen foods inside and you will never feel burdened to be out of order while purchasing extra food. As it produces low noise, you don’t feel any disturbance while reading books, or taking rest. 

Product Specification

  • Brand- ‎Bossin
  • Dimension- ‎ ‎‎20.08×19.09×33.46 inches
  • Item Weight- 44.1 Pounds
  • Lock Type- Key
  • Capacity-  3.2 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- Left sides
  • Number of Shelves- 3
  • Pattern- Solid
  • Shelf Type- Glass
  • Noise Level- low


  • Compact design with a large capacity space to store meat, fish, and foods separately
  • Low noise that makes it ideal to keep in bedroom
  • Less electricity consumption means less electric bill
  • Excellent service without interruption for low voltage


  • For a large  family, you cannot choose it.

Why Do We Recommend It?

The Bossin compact fridge will be the best choice for you because this thoughtful refrigerator will offer an adjustable and separate freezer section. In addition, you can easily store beverages, snacks, and other necessary food items.

8. Best Freestanding Refrigerator: GE Mini Fridge with Freezer Freestanding Refrigerator  



  • True and frost-free freezer compartment 
  • Convenient design and ultra   model can-tack
  • Durable and quiet compressor for long lasting performance
  • Compact Form factor

Living in a small family doesn’t need any oversized refrigerators. Also, if you live with 2 or 3 of your university/college friends, you do not require such a giant fridge. Because affording a big-sized fridge will cost you more than a mini size. Right? 

So, we keep the GE Mini Freestanding Refrigerator for you that mostly fits your space and budget. You will love the freezer sections with the door to keep a lot of food and snacks at a time. There is an option for you to put on the top-bagged ice while needed to get some extra space.

As this fridge is ready to provide frost-free food, you can have fresh and tasteful foods all the time. It is highly durable, and you can use it for years without repairing it. That means, just have this refrigerator and enjoy year-round service without facing any hassles. 

Product Specification

  • Brand- ‎GE
  • Dimension- ‎ ‎20.1×18.8×33.4 inches
  • Item Weight-  56 Pounds
  • Capacity-   3.1 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- Reversible
  • Pattern- Solid
  • Shelf Type- Glass
  • Voltage-120
  • Installation Type- Freestanding
  • Connector Type-Water Line
  • Drawer Type- Clear Crisper
  • Defrost-Automatic


  • Well-designed door shelves are worthy to store small containers 
  • The crisper trait offers ideal storage for storing foods and vegetables
  • Trouble-free doors adjustment with recessed handles
  • Energy efficient and good for value


  • Not ideal for heavy use for large family

Why Do We Recommend It?

This fridge will offer you fresh food and  hassle-free maintenance. It has sturdy glass shelves and non-sticky outer coverage. So this best freestanding refrigerator may be a right choice for you to meet your minimum requirements.

9. Best Refrigerator Without Freezer: Danby Compact Refrigerator with Removable Divider Shelf. 

Without Freezer


  • Adjustable door shelves and integrated door shelving
  • Smooth back design with high-quality Can-Dispenser
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Scratch resistance worktop

While you desire a combination of well-built, easily maintained, and more convenient appliances, the Danby Refrigerator is right here for you. This fridge has ample storage quality for spacing your leftovers with 124L capacity. For that reason, you can store the food items according to your needs. 

Besides, this refrigerator is suitable to put anywhere, like dorms, basements, bedrooms, living rooms, or small kitchens. Its reversible doors hinge will not bother you whether you are a left or right-handed user. This is great to use for both of them. 

However, it is a freezer-less cheapest full size refrigerators, so it has a large space for green food storage and beverages. So when you have this refrigerator, you will miss the freezer benefits.

Product Specification

  • Brand- ‎Danby
  • Dimension- ‎ ‎‎20.16×20.16×33.16 inches
  • Item Weight-  64.7 Pounds
  • Capacity-   4.4 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- Reversible
  • Pattern- Solid
  • Shelf Type- Wire
  • Number of shelves-3
  • Voltage-115
  • Wattage-115
  • Defrost- Automatic
  • Annual Energy Consumption-‎268 Kilowatt


  • Vast space with multiple flexible shelves
  • Door’s inside design is pretty good to keep tall bottles and cans
  • Its adjustable legs are highly convenient to move it
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • No freezer

Why Do We Recommend It?

The Danby refrigerator has got its design to suit any décor style flawlessly. It is most suitable for those who need a full size fridge only without a freezer. So, there’s no valid reason to miss this outstanding kitchen appliance.

10. Best Refrigerator With Freezer: WALSH Compact Single Door Refrigerator with Freezer.  

With Freezer


  • Removable glass shelves 
  • Ultra quality interior light
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Lots of stuff holding capability
  • Leveling front leg

Using a small size fridge can make the order of food spacing messy in many ways. But, you might not like seeing disordered conditions inside while opening the fridge door. Are we right? Well, here, the WALSH compact refrigerator is the best refrigerator with freezer and a wonderful solution for you. 

It is compact as well as stylish to increase your home interior beauty. However, you will be able to store multiple items with ease.  Seafood, meat and steak, quick frozen food, ice cream, soda, fruits, vegetables, and beverages, are some of the food items that can be stored without taking up to a large extent of space. 

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This multi-functional refrigerator has a sleek design that will allow you to put it anywhere according to your home design. You can place it perfectly at offices, dorm rooms, kitchen, and also at the garage. So many options you have!

Product Specification

  • Brand- ‎Walsh 
  • Dimension- ‎19.13 x 21.1 x 32.8 inches
  • Item Weight-  47.2 Pounds
  • Capacity-  3.5 Cubic Feet
  • Door Type- from left to right
  • Door Material Type-VCM
  • Pattern- Refrigerator
  • Shelf Type- Glass
  • Number of shelves-2
  • Voltage-120
  • Defrost- Manual Defrost
  • Annual Energy Consumption-‎‎245 Kilowatt


  • The design of the shelves keep the foods separate
  • You can change the temperature easily by turning the knob 
  • Its versatile ways will lead you to organize your foods
  • Easy to move according to your convenience


  • It is a single-door refrigerator

Why Do We Recommend It?

This refrigerator is that type of appliance that can go through your multiple demands. It is small but can fit your big size energy drinks bottle. On the other hand, it has a mini freezer with a low height, but it can go back far more decently. There’s also a slot in its door to store some of your leftovers. So, once trying this WALSH Refrigerator will not be a bad idea. 

What To Consider When Buying The Best Full-Size Refrigerator Under $250 (A Perfect Buying Guide)

It is too important to keep in mind some essential factors while buying a refrigerator under $250. As the refrigerator is in the range of a fixed budget, so you won’t get all the features available that you are looking for. But, that doesn’t mean the price makes the refrigerator worthless. Therefore, you’ll be a gainer if you can follow some instructions. Let’s see!

  • Capacity

The liter is the unit for measuring your refrigerator’s capacity. You have to focus on your family size and the amount of food you’ve to keep in the fridge to determine the exact capacity that you need. Let us make you more clear with an example. 

Suppose you’ve 3 members in your family. In this case, you require a 150 or 250 capacity refrigerator. On the other hand, the amount of liter will be 500 while you’re a 5 or 6 member family. But, if you’re alone, the 40 to 100-liter capacity refrigerator will be your best fit.

  • Door Style

As you have to use your fridge every day, the door pattern or style is essential. Unless the door has a perfect design, it will create a spacing problem in your kitchen.

There are lots of choices that vary from users to users. While one person likes to use the French door refrigerator in terms of the sleeker profile, another person will like the side-by-side model considering its bigger freezer segment. 

We recommend you choose the single-door refrigerator if you have a small size family. It is a fantastic suit for you. But, if you need to store a huge amount of food and beverage, go for a double-door refrigerator. 

If you intend to buy the most modern style and more advanced features refrigerator, you should buy the French door refrigerator. Besides, the side-by-side refrigerator is also the best one for you while focusing on space and budget.

  • Fridge Type

There are various models of fridges where you can be confused about which type you need. As you are looking for a fridge under 250 dollars, it will be the best decision to choose a mini, large, standard fridge rather than a smart fridge. 

  • Compressor Type

A compressor is the most significant part of a refrigerator because it maintains the temperature of the fridge. So, you have to be more careful to choose the right compressor. Usually, you’ll see two types of refrigerator compressors. 

  1. General Compressor

If you choose a mini compressor you’ll get a general compressor. Usually, the small size compressor is made of the general compressor. 

  1. Inverter Compressor

If you need a refrigerator to handle different types and lots of food items as a multi-functional gadget. You should choose an inverter compressor refrigerator because the large-size fridges have an inverter compressor to maintain a standard temperature. 

  • Size of the Refrigerator

The configuration of your refrigerator is a big issue while placing it. That’s why, first you have to determine the place where you put your refrigerator. If you have a limited place to put it, choose a mini sized refrigerator based on your space. 

But, if you don’t have any space issue, choose the refrigerator depending on your family requirements. Before going to market, you must measure the height and width properly. So, it will make your job trouble-free and faster to choose the right sized refrigerator for your kitchen space.

  • Features

Once you determine the compressor type, refrigerator type, and capacity, you should now prioritize the features. You’ll get lots of features but you have to identify which features will suit your requirements most. To choose the features you can check this cheat sheet.

  1. Customizable drawers and shelves

Check out whether the drawers and shelves are customizable. If so, you can adjust the shelves and drawers. So, customizable drawers and shelves will be your best choice.

  1. Multiple Temperature Zones

Some fridges have two zone temperature systems. You can use one zone to keep your food fresh and another one to keep the frozen foods fresh. While you have these multiple temperature zones featured in a fridge, you can easily maintain the temperature right above and under the freezing spot. 

  1. Ice Makers

There’s always a regular ice maker in every fridge available. But, if you need your refrigerator for something like parties or big programs, choose a dual ice maker or craft ice maker. 

  1. Door-in-door Storage

If you want to get some extra benefit, your refrigerator should be with a door-in-door feature. It will help you put all your condiments and drinks on the doors with no opening hassle of the entire fridge. So, this system will reduce the food load on your entire fridge and enhance its durability.

  1. Multiple Cooling Systems

In general, the refrigerator offers a single cooling system. But, purchasing an ultra-featured refrigerator will offer you multiple cooling systems. So, your food will remain fresh.

  1. Brand Warranty 

As most of the brands offer its warranty period too short and limited, we suggest you to be selective here. Choose such a brand that is well-reputed and also will offer you the maximum warranty period. Many brands on the market are well-reputed and will provide an extended warranty period. So, research well about brand reputation.

However, here are all the key factors that you must consider if you want to buy a quality full-size refrigerator under $250.


How do I identify the full-size refrigerator?

Well, the width of a full-size refrigerator varies from 24   to 40 inches. The height is around 62 to 72 inches, while the depth ranges from 29 to 36. In general, the side-by-side or the French door refrigerator tends to be larger in width and height than the typical model.

How can I measure the accurate refrigerator size?

First, you have to determine how big your refrigerator should be. Later, you have to decide where you are supposed to place it. To get the exact refrigerator size cubic feet capacity for your narrow space, figure out the refrigerator’s width, height, and depth that you choose to buy. You can measure the exact size then.

How can I determine a bulky capacity refrigerator?

If you understand the evaluation process, it will be easy for you. While you need to identify the large capacity fridge, go for a quick measurement of the cubic feet of volume. If you find your required model has 25 to 29 cubic feet of volume, it means it is a bulky kitchen gadget. Remember, the ultra-large capacity begins measuring from 30 cubic feet. 

Which type of refrigerator can make me the most space?

If you need wide space inside your fridge, you should buy a side-by-side fridge. It will give you the most space that you require. But, you have to ensure whether there’s enough space in your kitchen to place it.


We have done an outstanding review with lots of necessary information you must need while intending to have a full size refrigerator under $250. We confidently believe that our review will be your trustworthy assistance. If you have already finished reading our article, you have an idea about the 10 best full-size refrigerators. 

Any one of them can be your best match as kitchen appliances. You have to choose your appliance considering the features you need most.  Select the features ideally, your kitchen gadget will assist you out and out the whole day. 

We will confidently recommend the  Arctic King Chest Freezer, because it is the best gadget when you compare this full size refrigerator price against its benefits. Happy Shopping!

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