How Do I Thaw My Refrigerator Water Line? [Learn 2 Possible Solutions]

By James Robert

How do I thaw my refrigerator water line

If the ice maker of your refrigerator stops making ice perfectly, that means its water line is already frozen. So you have to thaw it to get ice from the waterline. In this case, a question can hit your mind; How do I thaw my refrigerator water line? 

If you can follow the right procedure, thawing the water line or refrigerator water line replacement is pretty easy. You can thaw your mini-refrigerator water line yourself using some basic tactics. 

We will give you the easiest 2 solutions for your water line thawing job. One is without using any tool or and the other is by using Ice Surrender. So, you can choose the easier method that you find simple to follow. Let’s begin!

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Solution – 1 Thaw Refrigerator Water Line Manually

Here are the 7 easy steps to help you thaw your French door refrigerator waterline with ease. This method will require only a few minutes to complete. Here are the steps.

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Step-1: Take out the ice bucket and clean the ice from it.

Step-2: Access the water supply cord and water supply line. Then turn off the refrigerator water line valve.  

Step-3: You will see two holding bolts that hold the ice maker. Loosen them and see the ice maker is attached with two brackets. Now lift the bolts and release the brackets.

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Step-4: There you will find a wire harness connecting the ice maker to the back of the freezer’s wall. Pull the wire and release the ice maker from that. Put a towel on the countertop of the refrigerator.

Step-5: Plug a hairdryer near the electric cord of the refrigerator. But, be careful about the water droplets. Make sure the water droplets are not dripping into the hairdryer.

Step-6: Now connect the wiring and hang the ice maker in the wall of the refrigerator. Tighten the screws well to ensure the ice maker is well fitted.

Step-7: Put the ice maker bucket back and turn on the water line valve. Your refrigerator is now ready to serve you, and your frigidaire water line keeps freezing again.

Solution – 2 The Fastest Way to Thaw the Refrigerator Water Line

Nobody wants to thaw their refrigerator water line through a long procedure. So, here is the fastest solution for you. You need a new tool named  “IceSurrender” to perform the job.  This tool will consume only two minutes to complete the task.

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Step-1: Microwave a cup of water for 30 Seconds.

Step-2: Now you’ve to gently apply the end-side of the IceSurrender into that microwaved hot water.

Step-3: Draw the hot water into your IceSurrender.

Step-4: The function of hot water is done. Now take a rag and put it into the refrigerator. This rag will absorb the dripping water and won’t let them roll down the front of your fridge. 

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Step-5: Now, it is time to put the downside of the IceSurrender in the frozen water line. Put it until you can see your desired resistance. Depress the IceSurrender and continue to pressure on the ice. You will feel how fast the water line ice has been melting away.     


We have added two possible solutions for you to answer your inquiry; How do I thaw my refrigerator water line? We hope you can choose your preferable solution from the methods. 

In the present market, all types of solutions are focusing on the premises of applying heat. You’ve to apply the heat from the outside to the inside. In that situation, you have to unplug your refrigerator and keep it several times to thaw. Though this application procedure is lengthy, it is very useful.

Follow our second way if you don’t like to invest much time in this task.