How Do You Know If Your Refrigerator Compressor Is Bad? (5 Signs To Identify)

By James Robert

How do you know if your Refrigerator Compressor is bad

It is entirely beyond the question of how precious a refrigerator is for your everyday life. A fridge is the gadget of home that ensures the quality and freshness of your food to maintain a healthy life. But, what if your refrigerator stops working so suddenly? 

Well, most of the time, it happens due to the compressor. Now, how do you know if your refrigerator compressor is bad? Well, there are several ways to identify what is wrong with the compressor. 

A refrigerator compressor seems bad while the compressor gets overheated, makes an unusual sound, or can not provide the right amount of cooling to keep food fresh.

However, in our content, we will clarify all the possible causes why your refrigerator compressor can fail with solutions. Let’s figure them out! Read more: How to defrost mini fridge?

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How Do You Know If Your Refrigerator Compressor Is Bad?

It is tough to diagnose or identify whether your refrigerator is terrible. But, every unique problem has its way of identifying it. We have listed 5 significant reasons why a refrigerator compressor can stop functioning or be bad. 

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1. Notice the Compressor’s Noise

You may have noticed some unusual noise happening from refrigerators. If your refrigerator also makes noise, you must understand that the refrigerator compressor has some problems.

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The Way You Fix it:

As long as you see anything happening like that, consult with a mechanical expert to repair the compressor. Replacing a newer compressor will be a good solution in this case. Remember, replacing a compressor and preventing bad refrigerator compressor noise is not a simple DIY job. So, don’t do it yourself unless you’ve prior knowledge. Take expert’s help, and it will then provide a long-term service to you.

2. Dusty Condenser Coil

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If your refrigerator’s condenser coil is dirty, it can damage the compressor. The dirty condenser coil makes the compressor unable to produce sufficient cooling, and eventually it fails to keep your food fresh. 

The Way You Fix it:

The compressor becomes mechanically locked due to keeping the refrigerator unclean for a long time. So, you must keep your fridge clean all the time.

3. Compressor Fan.

The most integral part of a refrigerator compressor is its fan. It helps the compressor keep cool to take away overheating. If the fan is damaged, the compressor will get overheated. So, you’ll easily know that your compressor needs repair.

The Way You Fix it:

Fixing the older fan is a better decision than replacing it with a newer one. But, if your technician finds it necessary to replace it, let him do it. It will increase the fridge’s durability.

4. Compressor’s Overheating Problem

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In general, a compressor becomes heated at 45° to 60° C. But, if it gets heat more than 60° that you can not touch, it means the compressor is gone bad. This problem happens for two common reasons. The first reason is if there is any leakage in the refrigerant line. The second one is if you or the technician didn’t charge the system maintaining sufficient refrigerant.

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The Way You Fix it:

Usually, the technician can diagnose this problem and make an excellent combination to fix the compressor work in the system with enough refrigerant. Still, if you find the same problem, you must replace a new compressor.

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5. Excessive Frost

While you notice an extreme frost on the head of the refrigerator compressor, it tells you that the compressor has already gone bad. Excessive frost happens while the compressor becomes incapable of processing at the right temperature of the refrigerant. 

The Way You Fix It:

In terms of excessive frost, you need to replace your refrigerator compressor.

What To Do Immediately While The Refrigerator Compressor Stops Working

Here are some noteworthy steps that you should follow while thinking your refrigerator compressor isn’t working at all. Following these steps will assist you in saving money from buying a new compressor.

  1. Turn the switch off for unplugging your refrigerator.
  2. Pull or put the fridge ahead to allow you to enter your hand up to your elbow.
  3. Place the side panel.
  4. Next, unplug the starter relay switch.
  5. Keep shaking the relay and ensure whether it is rattling. 
  6. So, if it rattles, it requires replacing the relay. 

These are the primary steps. If your refrigerator stops working permanently, you must take it to an expert who can identify the problem and repair it.


How does the sound seem like while a bad refrigerator compressor produces?

It will be much louder, like a knocking or clunking noise.

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Is a Buzzing Refrigerator unsafe to use?

Well, it’s not that dangerous or unsafe to use, but we recommend you to notice whether it has been increasing. If so, repair it immediately. 

What is the main cause that makes a refrigerator compressor bad?

We have picked up all the leading causes already above. But, if you want us to specify it with one main reason, it must be the compressor overheating. While the refrigerator compressor is hot, it will stop working properly.

How much do I have to spend on a quality compressor?

The cost of a quality compressor depends on what features and brand you choose. But, approximately the refrigerator compressor price is $300, excluding the technician’s charge.

Is my refrigerator compressor bad? 

You can identify it with ease by checking overheating, louder sounds, and lack of temperature symptoms. 

Is it worth replacing compressor on refrigerator?

Absolutely, yes. Replacing your refrigerator compressor costs you approximately 300-400 dollars. But, buying a new refrigerator costs you at least 1000 dollars. So Fridge compressor replacement is a good idea than buy. 


Now, it is clear to you that how do you know if your refrigerator compressor is bad? If you get matched with any of our given symptoms mentioned above, go to a technician. 

Other than that, it is ultimately a tough job to determine the exact reason if your compressor makes a bad sign. That’s why we have made it clear to you. Now, it is trouble-free for you to diagnose the problem.

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