How to Move a Fridge Safely? Step by Step Guides

By James Robert

How to Move a Fridge

When moving a fridge, it is important to be careful. How to Move a fridge safely, that can prevent accidents and injuries. This article will give you tips on how to move a fridge without getting hurt or hurting you.

Never move a refrigerator alone. It is very heavy, and it could get you hurt. Wear safety gloves before moving it so that your hands don’t get bruised.

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How to move a refrigerator Safely?

There are several ways to move a refrigerator. The most important thing is safety. Use caution and follow these instructions carefully so you can get your fridge in working order again without any problems. 

Remove all items from inside the fridge.

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The first step, you must take all of the stuff out of your fridge. Clean it off and make sure it is empty. You want to wipe away any dust or dirt that might be on the outside of your fridge. Glass shelves and containers in the fridge will need to be taken out carefully. If you have a bottom freezer, you need to take the food out and defrost it before moving it.

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Turn off the water supply.

If you have a french door refrigerator with water and ice dispensers, you need to detach it from the waterline. There is usually a clip on the back of the fridge that holds it in place. Detach it and set it aside for later.

Unplug the fridge from a power source

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If you’re moving a refrigerator into your rooms or somewhere else, it’s important to turn off the power supply or unplug it. Also, it’s best to turn off the refrigerator 24 hours before. This will reduce the risk and damage during the move. The oils and fluids inside settle and stop them from moving through the compressor.

Roll up refrigerator’s power cord

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Roll up the refrigerator’s power cord before you start moving. Secure the cord with a twist tie, rubber band, or electrical tape. This way, the cord won’t get in the way while you’re moving the fridge.

Defrost a freezer if necessary

Leave the door open for 24 hours if you have a frozen freezer. Then it will melt the ice on its own. If you are in a hurry, use a hairdryer to melt the ice from your freezer.

Secure it tightly

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Once your freezer is defrosted, you need to ensure it is tight. You can use packing tape or bungee cords. Please close the door and ensure it is secure with a top and bottom door fastener. This will protect your refrigerator when you are transporting it somewhere else.

If you are going to move your fridge for more than two days, make sure you keep the doors open for a few hours before closing them. This will help it smell fresh.

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Find some people to help you.

To move a refrigerator, you should have help. You might ask friends, family, or neighbors to help you. Make sure you have a hand truck, dolly, or cart to move it with.

Use a dolly or hand truck with handles.

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To move your fridge, use a dolly that you can hook up to the fridge. You will need someone to help you guide it. Move in the opposite direction of the tilt to make sure it is secure.

Lift the refrigerator one step at a time. Try to have two people in front of you, guiding you to move it smoothly. Have someone behind to provide backup. Make sure everyone knows where they are going to avoid accidents.

Load the refrigerator into the truck

Getting your fridge in the truck is tricky. It will help if you put the dolly between the lip of the bed and the fridge. You can roll it up with ease if you have a ramp. If not, then things get more complicated for you!

Lift the fridge into your truck. Get helpers on the ground to help you. Lift together and make sure to lift it from both sides, and push it back into the bed of your truck. It will be easier with another helper helping you – or just one if that’s all there is.

Put the fridge upright in the truck. If you can hook it up to a dolly, that would help keep it from moving around. If not, then use furniture or other moving supplies to stabilize it.

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After reaching the destination

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you should unload the refrigerator. This will be easier if there is a ramp. If not, someone will need to help move it out of the truck so that it’s on the ground. Once it’s on the ground, you need to get it into place so that it stays cool and dry. You need to leave it for at least three hours before plugging it in.


Moving a fridge can be hard. Remember these tips when you are moving it. What has been your experience with moving the fridge? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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