5 Best Mini Fridge Under $25 In 2023 [Updated]

By James Robert

Mini Fridge Under $25

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Looking for a small, affordable fridge for your office, dorm room, or home bar? Check out our selection of mini fridge under $25! These compact refrigerators are perfect for small spaces, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs. If you like to increase your budget, then check mini fridge under $75.

The small ones are ideal for dorm room and office use. However, get the best home appliances at all sorts of different prices. And there are some great options not only for the modern kitchen but also for the dorm room.

List Of Best Mini Fridge Under $25

Mini Fridge is a product that comes with an outward appearance of enormous presence and power. In order to help keep necessities like drinks and beer cool and cold. However, there are a lot of things you should know about mini fridges before you go for one for your home. Have a Look Below List: 

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Mini-Fridge Under $25 Reviews

These days, we don’t need to leave home to get a wide array of refreshments. Why not just chill in the comfort of your own home? Here we share our experience with mini-fridges priced under $25.

Mini USB Fridge (H-UF05Black)

This is a mini USB fridge that can keep your beverage cool or warm to drink while you are at your computer. It has a built-in LED indicator to let you know when it is on, and it comes with a magnetic door catch. It is easy to install and does not require a driver.

It is a great option for those who need a small, compact refrigerator to keep their food and drinks cold. It is perfect for laptops and PC’s and is a great addition to any home or office. The fridge is black and easy to use and comes with a USB port.

Product Specification

  • Power: 1200W
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Freezer capacity: 7.5L
  • Fridge Size: H/W: 26/18.5cm/9.5cm/15cm/6.5cm
  • Power cord Size: 1.2m in length
  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 37 x 50 cm (WxHxD)


  • Keep drinks cold the whole Night.
  • Works perfectly plugged into a USB port.
  • Cool and warm function.
  • Easy to use.


  • No insulation system on the walls.

Guay ‎GTEC1C Single Can USB Desk Mini Fridge 

Looking for a way to keep your drink cold while you work? Look no further than the Guay ‎GTEC1C Single Can USB Desk Mini Fridge! This handy fridge can plug into your computer or car to keep your drink chilled, making it the perfect accessory for any office or travel trip. Plus, it’s small and lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go!

Product Specification

  • Brand Name: ‎Guay
  • Model Number: GTEC1C
  • Product Weight: ‎8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 7 inches
  • Noise Level: 25 dB

Fishlor LED Mini USB Fridge

Fishlor LED Mini USB Frage is an excellent mini fridge that comes with a super-slim design. It features a LED interior light, a USB charging port, and a temperature control knob.

It also has a power indicator light, which helps you know the current battery status. The interior temperature is adjustable between 0℃ and 5℃. It is equipped with a coolant system that helps keep the drinks cool for longer.

Product Specification

  • Brand Name: Fishlor
  • Model Number: ‎Fishlor67u0wg49xt-01
  • Product Dimensions: 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches
  • Fridge Factor: ‎Compact
  • Number of Shelves: ‎1


  • Compact degine.
  • LED mini USB fridge.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Low noise.


  • No insulation system on the walls.

Stronerliou Compact USB Mini Fridge Freezer

Stronerliou is a brand new portable USB mini fridge freezer that can be easily used in any place. It is a perfect travel companion and can be used in offices, cars, homes, and other places. It has a stylish design and is available in three different colors. The size of the product is small but it has the capacity to store around 2-3 cans of beer or soft drinks.

  • Brand Name: Stronerliou
  • Fridge Factor: Compact
  • Number of Shelves: 1


  • Compact degine.
  • Bult in cooler and warmer
  • Easy to carry on travel the car.
  • Fit 2 can soda.


  • Not found any cons.

RCA RMIS129 Mini Compact Refrigerator

RCA RMIS129 Mini Compact Refrigerator, which is known as a mini fridge. It is a perfect companion for your dorm room, travel and office, just like a mini refrigerator. It is compact in size and has good storage and can fit 6 cans of my diet soda. 

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It is the perfect size to store your favorite drinks, snacks, and other items that you can get easily in this refrigerator. This refrigerator has a sleek design with wire-type shelves for keeping your food items organized. It also has an LED display panel.

  • Brand Name: RCA
  • Model Number: RMIS129
  • Product Weight: 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎9 x 7 x 10 inches
  • Capacity: 0.14 Cubic Feet
  • Product Color: Red


  • Compact degine.
  • Easy to Fit 6 cans of diet soda.
  • Easy to carry on the go.
  • Good for small appliances.


  • Plastic body.


What is the cost of mini fridge?

There is no definitive answer to this question as prices for mini fridges vary depending on the brand, model, and features. However, a good rule of thumb is to expect to pay around $50 – $300 for a good quality mini fridge.

What’s the smallest fridge you can buy?

The smallest fridge that you can buy is the Smeg Refrigerator which is available in different sizes and specifications. You can find more information about this refrigerator on the website of company and on Amazon.

Final Words

We have a short list of the mini fridges under $25, so let us know if you need any help in choosing the best one for your needs.

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