What Causes a Freezer To Stop Freezing? Here’s 5 Reasons & Solutions!

By James Robert

What Causes a Freezer To Stop Freezing (1)

Suddenly your freezer stops freezing, and you can’t understand what to do with your stored foods and beverages. By knowing the reasons, you can quickly solve the issues. 

What causes a freezer to stop freezing?

Your freezer may stop freezing for many reasons. But the most common causes are dirty condenser coils, faulty evaporator fans, making unusual sounds, or condenser motor’s malfunctioning. 

Here, we will discuss 5 causes with solutions. So, read the post till the last word to get your fridge back to life. 

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What Causes a Freezer To Stop Freezing? Here are 5 Reasons 

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There are multiple causes why your freezer will not work correctly. We have researched a lot and identified 5 reasons and figured out their solutions. Here are the reasons 

Reason #1 Dirty condenser coils

The freezer’s condenser coils are designed to dispense heat to the entire space. But when time passes, the dirt, debris, and grease will make the coils dirty. In that case, your freezer can stop freezing because of reducing cooling capacity. 

Solution: If you can reach the condenser coils, you have to clean them after every 6-12 months with a condenser coil cleaning brush. 

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Reason #2 Leak of H20

Most refrigerator freezers have a drain path at the bottom to pass water. If that becomes clogged, it leaks water.

Solution: You have to open the refrigerator’s clogged drain to solve this problem. You can check the user’s manual of your appliance to find the exact location of the holes. And then pick a plumbing shake and insert one side of it into the drain as much as it goes. After that, gently push the shake forward to remove the clogged debris.  

Reason #3 Making unusual sounds

If your freezer compressor suddenly shuts itself down because of overloading. As the condenser coil is placed near the compressor, that’s why the inappropriate heat dissipation affects the freezer and makes unusual sounds. 

Solution: At first glance, you have to reconnect the power source to solve this issue. If the freezer makes sounds for the faulty power connection, it will be solved. 

Or you need to shake the relay. If there is any noise, the start relay is damaged, and you should replace it.  

Reason #4 Faulty evaporator fan motor

The freezer has a fan at the back and it draws air from the evaporator coils to remove the heat. If the evaporator fan motor is damaged, it stops freezing.

Solution: First, you need to check if there is any obstacle that prevents the fan blades from spinning. If so, then the bearing of the fan motor may wear out, and you should replace it. 

If the fan bearing is ok, you have to use a multimeter to determine any continuous electrical path that presents the two-terminal fan motors. If there is no electrical path, the motor may be faulty or damaged. You need to replace the motor. 

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Reason #5 Malfunctioning condenser fan motor

The refrigerator produces little heat when it works. If you notice that your fridge starts to generate excessive heat, it may be for the malfunctioning of the condenser fan motor. 

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Solution: First, check out if the condenser fan blades can spin freely. If the edges can turn, the fan is alright, and the problem is elsewhere. 

Now, you have to check whether the motor receives proper voltage or not. You can use a multimeter to determine it. If the engine gets accurate voltage but doesn’t run, it may be defeated. You should change the motor.


So, now you might get the answer to your inquiry; what causes a freezer to stop freezing?

As you are using the freezer 24*7, you must be very careful about its maintenance. Always follow the user’s manual instructions to avoid these minor hassles of the freezer.

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