What Happens If You Plug a Fridge In Too Soon? [5 Common Effects]

By James Robert

What Happens If You Plug a Fridge In Too Soon

Usually, when you change your apartment, you have to move your refrigerator and other belongings. But, as the fridge is a big and heavy home appliance, you have to be careful about it. If you move it upright, then you can plug it in quickly.

But, if you move it one side laying and plug it in soon, you may damage your expensive refrigerator. So to avoid this hazard, you must know; what happens if you plug a fridge in too soon?

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If you plug the refrigerator instantly, it badly stresses the compressor and decreases the thermostat’s efficiency. 

You have to face more issues if you plug in the fridge too soon. Keep reading to know them. 

How Long Does It Take a Fridge To Get Cold?

The time range of getting the fridge cold depends on its moving position and moving time. There is a golden rule to move the fridge and reconnect the power. 

If you move it upright, you don’t have to wait to plug it. And after the plugin, it takes roughly 12 hours to get cold. But if you move it one side laying, you have to wait the same hours to plug in. 

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Here is a simple chart

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Fridge moving timeThe time you have to wait before plug-in
1 hour1 hour
6 hours6 hours
12 hours12 hours

It is an imaginary time range to make your understanding simple. 

5 Common Effects After Plugging A Fridge Too Soon

You will face different issues if you quickly put the refrigerator plug in the outlet. Here are some most common problems

Effect – 1: Stress the compressor 

The compressor is the most crucial part that circulates the whole system of the refrigerator. When you move it one side laying and instantly plug the fridge it is stressed. As the compressor won’t break, you can’t notice the effect very soon. But gradually it will slow down and won’t work like before. 

Effect – 2: Temperature fluctuates

Another most common effect is the temperature fluctuation of your refrigerator. If the compressor doesn’t work correctly, the cool air can’t move all the spaces of the fridge. So you will notice the temperature is fluctuating up and down. 

Effect – 3: Spoiled food and medicine

Your stored food may be spoiled because of inconsistent temperature. Because the food that you keep in the fridge is mostly perishable and requires a balanced temperature. 

You won’t notice it for most food items except medicine that needs a specific temperature. Or you may see this noise when you need something moved quickly in a freezer and find the food doesn’t get cold.

Effect – 4: Make a loud noise

The refrigerator makes a sound when it runs, and it is natural. But, if you plug in the fridge early, it starts producing loud noises because of the defective and damaged compressor. You will hear this annoying noise 24*7 unless you switch it off. 

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Effect – 5:  Vibration

The refrigerator will try hard to turn on after plugging it because of its broken compressor. As a result, it vibrates for hard running. The inside food may spill for the entire fridge for heavy vibration and it causes food wastage.

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Can a refrigerator be transported on its side?

Most refrigerators producing companies recommend moving the refrigerator in its standing position. But, you can transport it lying on one side. In that case, you have to wait at the same time in its standing position before plugging in. It’ll be better if you wait twice the time. 

Can you lay a fridge down?

Yes, you can, but you have to place a heavy layer of padding beneath the fridge freezer before laying it down. Otherwise, the fridge will have straps and scratches during transport.

How long does it take for the freon in a fridge to settle?

If the refrigerator is moved one side laying, it takes almost 12 hours to settle the freon in the fridge compressor. So you should wait this time before plugging in. 


We have reached the ending point of our discussion on the topic; what happens if you plug a fridge in too soon?

So we suggest you not hurry to plug in the refrigerator if you move it one side down to avoid all those damages.

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