What is Ice Plus on Lg Refrigerator?

By James Robert

What is Ice Plus on Lg Refrigerator

Ice Plus is one of the special features on LG refrigerators that allows users to create Ice faster. This is accomplished by slightly increasing the temperature in the freezer. For that reason, the Ice froze more quickly. While the increased temperature does use more energy, the feature can be turned on or off as needed. 

Additionally, you can set the Ice Plus feature to run for 24 hours. During that time, the refrigerator passes a new load of Ice every 2 hours during that 24 hours. The ice features of the freezer will be turned off automatically after 24 hours.

Watch a video to better understand.

Let’s go for a short and smart journey to know about the Ice plus features in-depth.

How to Find the Ice Plus Features on LG Refrigerator

You will find many LG refrigerators models with different features in the market. That’s why these Ice plus features also come with different models. Mostly different on Standard and Instaview models in this feature. 

The ice pulse features do the same job on all LG refrigerators but will be found in different places and operate in different models.

Here to go for knowing where we find it on standard and instaview refrigerators.

  • Ice Plus Feature on Standard LG Refrigerators

Just go to the control panel and look to the right place of the “Ice Plus” button or “Ice Type.”

How to Use:

To use the Ice plus feature of your Standard LG refrigerator, first ensure that the ice maker is turned on. Then, press and hold the Ice plus button for at least 3 sec, and the Ice Plus is active. 

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How can you ensure this feature is turned on? Here you see a small light is on to indicate the activation features. The Ice plus feature will automatically begin to make Ice. To deactivate Ice plus again, press and hold the Ice plus button for 3 sec. And the small light will be off to indicate the feature is deactivated.

  • Ice Plus Feature on Instaview LG Refrigerators

In the instaview LG refrigerators, the ice plus features option located is quite different from standard LG refrigerators. Because here you get a digital screen. So let’s see how we can find these features-

First, swipe or tap on your refrigerator display.

On the bottom of the left of your refrigerator screen, press the settings option.

And get the Refrigerator Manager option and press it.

Finally, get the Ice plus option.

How to Use:

Here you simply use this feature by pressing the ice plus on option. After completing your job, please press the button again to turn it off.


The Ice Plus feature on LG refrigerators is a great way to keep your food and drinks cold without worrying about ice buildup. This feature automatically adjusts the temperature of the fridge to ensure that ice crystals don’t form on your food or drinks. This feature automatically adjusts the temperature of the fridge to ensure that ice crystals don’t form on your food or drinks.

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